#22: Five Fresh New Ideas That Failed in 2011

1.) Bulletstorm- It failed because it didn’t sell enough copies, and it didn’t end up making a profit. A sequel is very unlikely.

2.) Shadows of the Damned- It failed because it had no advertising, and sold 24,000 copies in one month. A sequel is 0.01%.

3.) Child of Eden- It failed because it sold 34,000 copies, and then everyone stopped buying it. A sequel is slim.

4.) Brink- It failed because it had no post game buzz to it, no back up at all. A sequel is decent.

5.) Homefront- It failed because it couldn’t stand up to Call of Duty, and the studio closed down. A sequel is on its way.

My Opinion: Personally, I enjoyed playing both Bulletstorm, and Homefront, and I hope a sequel will make it to Bulletstorm.

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By Trev Havel

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