#100: Three Indie Games Hitting PlayStation

Coming soon, according to Curve Digital, three new Indie Games are hitting PS4, PS3, and PSVita.

  • Titan Attacks: An arcade action title inspired by games like Space Invaders, and Galaga, but with many modern features including a full ship upgrade system, online leaderboards, and stylish visuals. This will be released in North America on May 6th, and Europe May 7th. 


  • The Swapper: An atmospheric puzzle-platformer title that sees you master the ability to create clones of yourself, and swap your consciousness between them; while trying to figure out what happened to the abandoned space station you find yourself. This will be released in North America on June 24th, and Europe on June 25th.


  • MouseCraft: A fusion of Tetris and Lemmings, where you’re tasked with guiding three mice past obstacles to gather crystals and arrive at a block of cheese by placing bricks. This will be released in North America on July 8th, and in Europe on July 9th.

Do any of these games sound interesting to you? Do you plan on purchasing these games? Or are these a bust? It’s up to you.


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*Thanks IGN for some of the information*


#95: Happy Halloween 2013


Wow, so it’s already the end of October, and just two more months in 2013; crazy! But with the end of the year upon us, some awesome things are happening.
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Just released worldwide! I will be purchasing it for the Xbox One later!
Battlefield 4: – Just released worldwide! Hope everyone has a great time with that!
Call of Duty: Ghosts – Coming soon, November 5th, worldwide for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and Xbox One/PS4 once they are released.
Xbox One – November 22nd couldn’t come soon enough, who’s getting it Day One?!? I am, and I’m excited.
PS4 – Hitting shelves on November 15th, it will be a big hit! Who’s getting it Day One?

What a line up there huh? And that’s not it, all the next gen- games being released when the consoles release, and Batman, and more.
Also can’t forget about the iPad Air being released at midnight or so tonight! That will be a mess for Apple, in stores, and online. Anyone buying that? Interested?

Videos from me are getting released once in awhile, so keep up on my YouTube channel.

Have a great day everyone! And look for more blogs coming your way!