#90: Xbox One/Ghosts Updates

August is upon us! And that means it’s getting closer to the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts and the next-gen. consoles.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Updates)
– August 14; live multiplayer reveal; GHOSTS
– You can see the live feed also on Xbox Live.

Xbox One (Updates)
– Power Upgrade; from 800 to 853 MHz GPU! (CONFIRMED)
– Adaptor being made so you can use Xbox 360 headsets on Xbox One. (CONFIRMED). Adaptor will be sold separate, may or may not be at launch.
– Xbox One headset, play and charge kit, and controller for sale now also! Headset being in w/ Xbox One console is a rumor as of now!

There are a few other random little tid-bits of information too, but not as important right now.


By Trev Havel

#89: Gaming Mouse & Minecraft

Well look who it is, it’s Trev. Where have you been? We missed you. Give us a blog!!!!!!


Hi guys and gals, guess what? I got a new gaming mouse! I’m uploading an unboxing on it soon (check there for a link to it). I’m really enjoying it so far, it works really well; and what am I using it for you may be asking????

MINECRAFT! I bought minecraft for my Mac computer; I finally gave in and got it. So I have it all ready to go. I downloading the Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack, and I love it. I also have the Rei’s MiniMap mod too! So now I will be starting my series called “JacketCraft.” The first episode will be uploaded Wednesday! Heck yeah!!!

Hope you guys/gals like it! Peace!

By Trev Havel

#88: 4th of July and Updates

– Hey everyone, I know, I know… I failed at posting blogs; well no excuses, I just haven’t done it. I have posted youtube videos, so that’s something; if you haven’t seen those, you can go to my channel and watch them, if you want to. 🙂
– I almost feel like I need to post more of these, I like to, but I forget; I forget a lot of things. I think I post more during school because I’m on my phone, or in class, so there’s that.
– Anyway, anyone excited about the next-gen. consoles? I am, I have the Day One Xbox One console pre-ordered and ready to get in november. I have videos about that too on my youtube channel, I explained why I chose the Xbox One over the PS4.
– So, are any of you guys/gals doing anything fun for the 4th of July/Independence Day? Shooting off a crap ton of fireworks? Watching any go off? I’m really not, don’t have anything good this year, throw a few fire crackers and be done. Maybe next year I will have some to tell you about.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for reading!


By Trev Havel

#87: Call of Duty: Ghosts

There are those who wear masks to protect themselves. And there are those who wear masks to protect us all.

Call of Duty: Ghosts has been revealed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQEbPn36m1c Check out that teaser trailer.

Check out my thoughts on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XErM66qKr6c

May 21st: New Xbox reveal and gameplay of Call of Duty: Ghosts

Releases November 5, 2013 on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, WiiU, and next-gen. consoles.

By Trev Havel

#86: Riptide and Infinite

Hey gamers,

– Zombies have taken over again, and for the gang in Dead Island: Riptide, they better be ready. This game has officially been released in the U.S., and the zombies are waiting for you. Of course, I have not purchased this game yet, but I will be in the near future. I really enjoyed the first game, and the second game brings in features from the first one (which is great, smart move), and has all new fancy features for the veterans of Dead Island. Even if you haven’t played the first game, don’t worry, you will still get everything out of Riptide. So if you have bought it already, what do you think?

– On to the Columbia skylines; if you have played this game, then you know I am talking about Bioshock Infinite. I have recently purchased this game (youtube unboxing), and I’m probably around 3-4 hours in to it, and I am loving every bit of it. I do plan on reviewing this game for a video when I finish it (probably with spoilers) but for now I’m going to do a mid-game spoiler free review.

• So what do I think so far?
– Better than the first two games? My answer: no, but not worse. They are all equally awesome in their own ways.
– Really liking the storyline so far, it’s very intense and you never want to stop playing because you want to know what happens next. That being said, these are the type of games I’m looking for, ones that I get sucked in, and invested in the whole game.
– The characters are awesome. Even the side characters/ mini boss fights are great. But I really want to talk about the main characters. First one: Booker DeWitt, he is a badass, and a kind of a douche at the same time (once you play the game, you will know why). But he is still awesome, and I’m sure will turn out to be the ultimate good guy at the end. Second one: Elizabeth, she is equally a badass compared to Booker, she has a lot of power and is big to the storyline of this game; I like that idea of a secondary equally important character like that. Third one: Comstock, the God/Leader of Columbia; even though he is a complete douche, he has that aura to him that makes him stand out.
– Overall so far, I’m loving the game and of course I will keep you updated.

My suggestions: BUY BOTH THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!


By Trev Havel

#85: COD BO2 DLC2

Hey gamers,

The second DLC for Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been released for the Xbox 360 today. It is called Uprising and if you have the season pass for this game, you can download it right when you jump in the game. If not, you can purchase it for 1600 microsoft points and get it going. For the PC and PS3, expect it one month later for the equivalent price to the Xbox’s 1600 MP.

The Uprising DLC includes 4 brand new multiplayer maps and 1 completely new zombie map.

The multiplayer maps are called:
– Magma
– Studio (Firing Range remake)
– Encore
– Vertigo

And the zombies map is called:
– Mob of the Dead
Including these features:
• A new perk called Electric Cherry
• A mini boss that comes every 5 or so rounds just like the dogs did.
• An easter egg to create a plane to get off the island.
• A new pack-a-punch machine with a new camo for the guns.
• Four all new characters locked up in Alcatraz.
• New in-game mode called Purgatory, which will help you unlock new perks, different areas, and help with the easter egg.
• Can’t forget about the new zombie look with chain mail type armor and glowing red eyes.

This is worth the money and the time to download it; with the awesome new multiplayer maps, and the new zombies experience, you can never get bored. Good luck gamers and zombie slayers!


By Trev Havel

#84: Been a while.

Hey gamers,

It’s been almost a month(29 days) since I’ve posted a blog, sorry about that. I’ve been really concentrating on my youtube videos though(even though its been like a week since I posted one). I really need to start getting into these blogs again, so I’m going to ask you to follow me on Twitter (username: TrevHavel) and remind me!! And go check out my youtube channel and see if you like my videos (if you do, SUBSCRIBE!), share them to others, it will help me out if I can get more subs. I plan on putting a video up today so watch for that.. my youtube is ‘THShmoob26’ (I wish I could change it!) or you can search my name (Trev Havel); (google+ ftw)! Either of those and my channel should come up, probably see my Mirror Mirror video if you search my name under “all” since it almost has 20,000 views (thanks!! woo!).

Anyway, what games have you guys been playing? I recently purchased Bioshock Infinite and I’m really enjoying it so far! Are you guys looking forward to any games this year? Xbox 720 announcement? More PS4 info? Comment on here or tweet me!



By Trev Havel

#83: Videos and Colds

Hey gamers,

If you follow my youtube channel, you have noticed that I haven’t uploaded a video for a little while now. Well, i have a heavy head cold that has been kicking my ass pretty good now, so I haven’t been feeling like making any videos. But listen, I hope this stupid cold will go away soon so I can make more videos.

Many ideas have come up:
Gamer Talk #3: Next Gen. Consoles still is for sure coming.
Random Rants on a few subjects.
Double Unboxing

Anyway, to make this gaming related, should they put sicknesses in more games (not sure how many games they are in).. like dead island? games that have open world gameplay like that? So it would affect your in-game character and possibly even kill him. That sounds like a cool feature?

What do you think?


By Trev Havel

#82: Next- Gen. Consoles

Hey gamers,

First off, I have a a new gamer talk video on this topic coming out later today, so when that’s up, check it out–http://www.youtube.com/THShmoob26

I just wanted to put my two cents in on this subject. I’m really excited about next- gen. consoles, and next- gen. gaming because I think it’s time for something new.

Right now, the PS4 has been announced by Sony and there are a lot of details about it online, just search IGN or google. Personally, I don’t like the new controller, the touchpad kind of turns me off. What do you gamers think?

Now Microsoft hasn’t announced their next console, but we all know it’s going to be soon because they want to compete with Sony. I believe it will be called the Xbox 720 (hopefully), and it will be just as innovative as the PS4. I’m excited for the announcement, being a hardcore xbox gamer and all, and I admit, a xbox fanboy (but not one of those annoying ones, because anyone can buy any console they want)!

The last thing I want to say is, what games do you think will be released on the next gen. consoles that come out around that time? And what system will you buy the games on? Are you willing to wait for a game so you can buy the new console and then the game on it? It’s tough.

What system do you plan on getting?

Have a good day.

By Trev Havel

#81: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Boom! Assassin’s Creed is back again, this time in the pirate era.

Yes, you will be playing as Edward Kenway (familiar last name to you?); well it should be, he is the father and grandfather of Haytham and Connor Kenway!! They are calling it the Kenway saga!

Edward is a pirate trained by assassin’s in 1716/18th Century pirate age and you will be fighting naval/land battles more than ever against, you guessed it, The Templars.

With a whole new adventure, comes more innovation; there is now underwater places you can access; that’s pretty cool right? You can escape from battle easier then. Also a four gun pouch?!? Sucks for the Templars.

With Desmond out of the picture (too bad, I liked him); gotta play to the end of ACIII to find out what happens. Anyway, you, the player, will be playing as the modern day character as a animus tester for Abstergo Entertainment, off shoot of Abstergo Industries. I really wonder how that’s going to work though, since everyone can use the animus systems now. You will still continue with Desmond’s ancestry though, which is good.

That’s a lot of information, and there is stuff I’m probably missing, so go check out ubisoft’s website for ACIV or IGN or some gaming website to dig up even more details.

You will be able to kill the Templars once again on October 29, 2013 on Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and next gen. consoles (hopefully they are out by then, i don’t want to wait for this game!!); PS4 for sure and I’m sure the next Xbox also once it is announced (Soon?)!!

-All information presented here was by memory-


By Trev Havel