#94: Apple Keynote Sept. 10 2013

Another Apple Keynote is here and gone.

Announcements were bigger than ever I would say.

-iOS 7

-iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

-iTunes Radio

iOS 7

So we already know a lot about iOS 7 as the announcement of it was awhile ago, but we did get one nice detail that we were all waiting for, the release date, which is…… SEPTEMBER 18th, next Wednesday. Visit iOS for all about it.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is free streaming radio with the best selection of music. It builds and brings stations you’ll love from day one. And the more you listen, the more personalized your stations become. It’s radio re-imagined. (Radio) We will see the release of iTunes Radio with iOS 7 on September 18th.

iPhone 5C

This is the iPhone 5 with color. The iPhone 5C is just like the iPhone 5, including the reinforced steel backing, except with a lot more color, including white, green, blue, yellow, and red. The catch, it’s cheaper, starting at $99 for 16GB. (Color)

iPhone 5S

This is an all new iPhone experience. New features such as Touch ID (fingerprint identity sensor), 2x faster than the iPhone 5/5C with the new A7 chip, new iSight camera (15% larger image sensor, 33% increase in light sensitivity, true tone flash, burst mode, and slow motion video), and it comes in three all new colors: Space Gray, Silver, and GOLD. The prices start at $199 for 16GB. (Gold)


My thoughts:

I can’t wait for iOS 7, it’s going to be a great change.

iTunes Radio will be something to try out, see if it can compete with Pandora.

iPhone 5C is a great addition for people who are looking to spend less money for such a great phone. The iPhone 5 has a lot of life left in it, so the iPhone 5C has even more. Adding color to the iPhone is cool, I would get the blue if I were to get one.

iPhone 5S is awesome. All new features are always great, and the colors… wow, GOLD is the biggest surprise, at first when I heard they were doing that, I was skeptical, but now that I seen it, it looks really good. If you’re a iPhone lover, you will want this.



If you have a iPhone 4S or less, upgrade now, to either one, your preference.

If you have a iPhone 5, either upgrade to the 5C, or wait until the iPhone 6 (unless you have money to spare, then go ahead and get the iPhone 5S).


What do you guys think? Comment here, or on my Twitter.

By Trev Havel

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