#93: Xbox One Controllers and 2DS


Let’s first talk about the Xbox One controllers. The Xbox One will support up to 8 controllers to be connected at once, twice as much as the Xbox 360. Microsoft is also working on making Xbox 360 controllers compatible with the Xbox One; of course that will be a future feature probably months after release in November. (EIGHT!)

Moving on to the confirmed existence of the Nintendo made 2DS. The 2DS will be exactly like the 3DS, but with a different form factor, doesn’t support 3D, and will be cheaper. That means you can still play 3DS, DSi games on the handheld system, take pictures, have wi-fi, and everything else the 3DS can do, just for a cheaper price tag. (2DS)

My thoughts: Xbox One eight controllers doesn’t affect me, I never had 4 connected at once on my 360.

2DS is not a good idea! Nintendo has enough handheld systems, and consoles already; they NEED to concentrate on GAMES! More people will buy their consoles, if they had better games. All my thoughts here on Twitter.

Leave your thoughts in the comments, or tweet me.

By Trev Havel

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