#88: 4th of July and Updates

– Hey everyone, I know, I know… I failed at posting blogs; well no excuses, I just haven’t done it. I have posted youtube videos, so that’s something; if you haven’t seen those, you can go to my channel and watch them, if you want to. 🙂
– I almost feel like I need to post more of these, I like to, but I forget; I forget a lot of things. I think I post more during school because I’m on my phone, or in class, so there’s that.
– Anyway, anyone excited about the next-gen. consoles? I am, I have the Day One Xbox One console pre-ordered and ready to get in november. I have videos about that too on my youtube channel, I explained why I chose the Xbox One over the PS4.
– So, are any of you guys/gals doing anything fun for the 4th of July/Independence Day? Shooting off a crap ton of fireworks? Watching any go off? I’m really not, don’t have anything good this year, throw a few fire crackers and be done. Maybe next year I will have some to tell you about.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for reading!


By Trev Havel

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