#86: Riptide and Infinite

Hey gamers,

– Zombies have taken over again, and for the gang in Dead Island: Riptide, they better be ready. This game has officially been released in the U.S., and the zombies are waiting for you. Of course, I have not purchased this game yet, but I will be in the near future. I really enjoyed the first game, and the second game brings in features from the first one (which is great, smart move), and has all new fancy features for the veterans of Dead Island. Even if you haven’t played the first game, don’t worry, you will still get everything out of Riptide. So if you have bought it already, what do you think?

– On to the Columbia skylines; if you have played this game, then you know I am talking about Bioshock Infinite. I have recently purchased this game (youtube unboxing), and I’m probably around 3-4 hours in to it, and I am loving every bit of it. I do plan on reviewing this game for a video when I finish it (probably with spoilers) but for now I’m going to do a mid-game spoiler free review.

• So what do I think so far?
– Better than the first two games? My answer: no, but not worse. They are all equally awesome in their own ways.
– Really liking the storyline so far, it’s very intense and you never want to stop playing because you want to know what happens next. That being said, these are the type of games I’m looking for, ones that I get sucked in, and invested in the whole game.
– The characters are awesome. Even the side characters/ mini boss fights are great. But I really want to talk about the main characters. First one: Booker DeWitt, he is a badass, and a kind of a douche at the same time (once you play the game, you will know why). But he is still awesome, and I’m sure will turn out to be the ultimate good guy at the end. Second one: Elizabeth, she is equally a badass compared to Booker, she has a lot of power and is big to the storyline of this game; I like that idea of a secondary equally important character like that. Third one: Comstock, the God/Leader of Columbia; even though he is a complete douche, he has that aura to him that makes him stand out.
– Overall so far, I’m loving the game and of course I will keep you updated.

My suggestions: BUY BOTH THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!


By Trev Havel

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