#85: COD BO2 DLC2

Hey gamers,

The second DLC for Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been released for the Xbox 360 today. It is called Uprising and if you have the season pass for this game, you can download it right when you jump in the game. If not, you can purchase it for 1600 microsoft points and get it going. For the PC and PS3, expect it one month later for the equivalent price to the Xbox’s 1600 MP.

The Uprising DLC includes 4 brand new multiplayer maps and 1 completely new zombie map.

The multiplayer maps are called:
– Magma
– Studio (Firing Range remake)
– Encore
– Vertigo

And the zombies map is called:
– Mob of the Dead
Including these features:
• A new perk called Electric Cherry
• A mini boss that comes every 5 or so rounds just like the dogs did.
• An easter egg to create a plane to get off the island.
• A new pack-a-punch machine with a new camo for the guns.
• Four all new characters locked up in Alcatraz.
• New in-game mode called Purgatory, which will help you unlock new perks, different areas, and help with the easter egg.
• Can’t forget about the new zombie look with chain mail type armor and glowing red eyes.

This is worth the money and the time to download it; with the awesome new multiplayer maps, and the new zombies experience, you can never get bored. Good luck gamers and zombie slayers!


By Trev Havel

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