#84: Been a while.

Hey gamers,

It’s been almost a month(29 days) since I’ve posted a blog, sorry about that. I’ve been really concentrating on my youtube videos though(even though its been like a week since I posted one). I really need to start getting into these blogs again, so I’m going to ask you to follow me on Twitter (username: TrevHavel) and remind me!! And go check out my youtube channel and see if you like my videos (if you do, SUBSCRIBE!), share them to others, it will help me out if I can get more subs. I plan on putting a video up today so watch for that.. my youtube is ‘THShmoob26’ (I wish I could change it!) or you can search my name (Trev Havel); (google+ ftw)! Either of those and my channel should come up, probably see my Mirror Mirror video if you search my name under “all” since it almost has 20,000 views (thanks!! woo!).

Anyway, what games have you guys been playing? I recently purchased Bioshock Infinite and I’m really enjoying it so far! Are you guys looking forward to any games this year? Xbox 720 announcement? More PS4 info? Comment on here or tweet me!



By Trev Havel

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