#83: Videos and Colds

Hey gamers,

If you follow my youtube channel, you have noticed that I haven’t uploaded a video for a little while now. Well, i have a heavy head cold that has been kicking my ass pretty good now, so I haven’t been feeling like making any videos. But listen, I hope this stupid cold will go away soon so I can make more videos.

Many ideas have come up:
Gamer Talk #3: Next Gen. Consoles still is for sure coming.
Random Rants on a few subjects.
Double Unboxing

Anyway, to make this gaming related, should they put sicknesses in more games (not sure how many games they are in).. like dead island? games that have open world gameplay like that? So it would affect your in-game character and possibly even kill him. That sounds like a cool feature?

What do you think?


By Trev Havel

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