#79: A message from Slender Man

Hey horror game victims,

Did I, slender man, make you shit your pants, and did my buddies over in Amnesia make you jump out of your pants?…. GOOD! And you probably thought you got rid of us… WRONG! We are back again, with my new game Slender Man: The Arrival, with all new places to explore and all new enemies, and of course I will be there waiting for your arrival. And my buddies also have a new game, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, where I’m pretty sure you won’t make it out alive!

Soon enough we will be releasing these menaces to the public, but while you wait, you can try out my beta version if you pre-order the game for $5 and then pay $5 later for the rest of the $10 game… If you have enough balls of course. Good luck!

Slender Man

By Trev Havel

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