#75: Politics, games, smoking, and suicide.

Hey everyone,

So as you see by the title, I want to talk about multiple things.

-By now, you should know Barrack Obama has been picked to stay the president of the United States, and Democrats still control the government.
-I personally think this was a mistake because Romney would have been a better pick, and Obama obviously hasn’t done anything too great, but four more years and then he will be gone.

-Man, 4 days and Black Ops 2 comes out; are you excited? If not, you should be, because its looking like it may win game of the year, and best call of duty to date.
-Another thing I wanted to bring up was do you think 343 Industries did good on Halo 4? And will their trilogy of Halo games be as good or better than Bungie’s Halo Trilogy?

Smoking and Suicide
-I have been on a some type of rant about this. If you look around the internet as much as I do, you would see articles about scientists that say smoking is suicide.
-Now I am not defending smoking, because you shouldn’t do that, but suicide is immediate death, and means that you did something bad (shot or hung).
-Scientists are saying its either between life or suicide, well if thats the case, then everyone commited suicide when they die, because EVERYONE does something in their life that probably takes years off your life.
-But those “so called scientists” are wrong and I didn’t want to bring religion into this, but you have your time to go, and that is God’s decision.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Bye.

By Trev Havel

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