#69: Politics (Uh oh)!

I really don’t think bringing up this subject is the best thing, and I know this is supposed to be about gaming/technology but this is an issue that I would like to bring up.

As many, many people know, the presidential election will be coming up soon, and people have to choose between Obama and Romney, it has to be one of those two.

You’re thinking, what about Biden/Ryan, well they are important but you’re not voting for them, they come with the president.

The united states gave Obama four years, and that’s all that we should give him. He has really done us no good, so why not try someone new. Now i’m not saying Romney will be any better, but Obama won’t do us any good, so we have to try something different. And only way to do that is Romney/Ryan in office. The democratic rule (even in other parts of the government, like Congress), has basically failed us. It’s time again to give the Republican’s a chance. The views between each are very different, so if one side isn’t working, only option is go to the other side. If you have two keys, only one will open the lock, the Silver Key(Obama), doesn’t work, so obviously the Bronze Key(Romney) opens the lock and you open the door to a different government, different United States.

Now, there is not much that will help us now, but listen, while Bush (republican) was in office, at the end of his 2nd term, he was starting to help us get out of debt, and McCain (republican) was going to stay with that, but got beat out by Obama, and now we are way more in debt now, than we were 4 years ago. I think the republicans have the right idea to help us get out of debt. It will take along time, more than even 8 years that Romney could have, we need a Republican in office for a good 24 years to get us even close to having money.

It’s time to stop denying that fact the only reason Obama got into office is because people wanted the first “African American” president.

I know that I could get a lot of hate for this, but the truth is the truth. And this is my opinion but I think it’s a pretty good opinion.

Anyway, that’s it. Bye.

By Trev Havel

2 comments on “#69: Politics (Uh oh)!

  1. I was just on Facebook griping about all of this. I’m glad to see someone saying what I’ve been saying for almost four years, the reason Obama got elected in the first place. I’m moderate on most issues and not racially biased in most respects, but there was a lot of water cooler chat about Obama back in 2008. It was the political equivalent of pubstomping, let’s be fair. We need someone that’s going to run a capitalist country like a business and the Republicans are the best choice for that. Anyway, thanks for the good read!

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