#20: SPECIAL: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

First of all, thanks for everyone that reads these blog posts, they may not always fancy your tastes, but I know that you hang in there for another day. I am not going to post a blog for the next two days, I will start up again on Monday, that is why I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and if anything else, Happy Holiday now, so I don’t miss it later on. I may be tweeting, so follow me there: http://twitter.com/#!/TrevHavel. I could be posting a video on youtube sometime soon too: http://www.youtube.com/user/THShmoob26?feature=mhee. Also starting Monday, I may be posting a word of the day at the end of each blog and the definition of each word just to make it more interesting. Now on to gaming:

The Best Title Screens of the year:

-Catherine, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Portal 2, Trine 2, Jetpack Joyride,  Batman Arkham City, Infinity Blade 2, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Super Mario 3D Land, and Dead Island. Thanks to IGN for the info, go there to see the pictures.

The Best and Worse Trailers of 2011:

-The Best: Dead Island, Battlefield 3, Catherine, GTA 5, The Sims Social

-The Worst: Child of Eden, Jungle Kartz, Centipede Infestation, We Dance, and Dead Island

-Interestingly enough, dead island made it on to both lists, to see the trailers for to IGN.

The Year in Sex 2011:

-Catherine, Uncharted 3, The Witcher 2, Dragon Age 2, L.A. Noire, and Duke Nukem forever all made it onto the list. To read about it all, head over to IGN.

The Top Ten Achievements of 2011:

10: Duke Nukem Forever: Turd Burglar

9: Portal 2: Friends List with Benefits

8: Dead Rising 2: Puking Rally

7: Halo Anniversary: Never Tell me the Odds

6: Dead Space 2: Cross Your Heart, Hope to Die

5: Kinect Sports 2: Rickrolled

4: Gears 3: Seriously 3.0

3: Driver San Francisco: Blast from the Past

2: The Gunstringer:  Took a Bullet for the Team

1: You Don’t Know Jack: Taking it from Behind

-Thanks IGN for all of that information, to see even more 2011 Bests and Worsts, go check IGN out at their website. Thanks for reading everything today, and I hope you liked the special one. Remember to subscribe to me on youtube, follow me on twitter, and check out IGN, because they are awesome for gaming news, see you all on Monday!!!

By Trev Havel

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