#7: Sledgehammer and Treyarch hiring for new Call of Duty

It is that time again where the next Call of Duty is in the mind of the producers and both Treyarch and Sledgehammer are gearing up for the next Call of Duty titles. Now we really don’t know when they will come out, but we can speculate that Treyarch will be releasing the next title in November of 2012, and possibly Sledgehammer in November of 2013. But, where does that leave Infinity Ward, are they done with Call of Duty? Or are they just keeping everything a secret? Or are they possibly teaming up with Sledgehammer Games again for another great Call of Duty game?

My Opinion: Whatever happens with Call of Duty, and whoever is going to produce it, I will buy the game and play it until its gone. Hopefully that doesn’t happen anytime soon, because I am looking forward to Call of Duty 16: Advanced Warfare on an all powerful Xbox system.

Check me out: http://www.youtube.com/user/THShmoob26?feature=mhee

By Trev Havel

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