#3: Big Changes coming to the Xbox Dashboard on Tuesday

This Tuesday marks the official launch of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard, which will bring with it quite a few new features, including improved Kinect support, a slick new UI, and a ton of new content from myriad providers. Nearly every panel, option and menu selection is navigable with using Kinect, either through hand motions or voice commands. Kinect’s voice sensor really comes in here, letting you pull up Bing searches, applications, and start programs only through simple voice commands. The whole layout to Netflix is now changing to look more smooth, and more Kinect features. Verizon will also be launching a T.V. service which paid subscribers to their television service will be able to get.

My Opinion: This new xbox 360 dashboard update will help keep xbox users coming back for more and it will especially get the people who love watching movies and television on there. It should attract many new users.

Thanks IGN for the information, check them out, and check me out on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/THShmoob26?feature=mhee

By Trev Havel

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